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Model Shaft Price
inpres UD+2 Lady [2020] Air Speeder for Yamaha M421 D 297USD >>
inpres UD+2 Lady [2018] Tour AD SL 2 4 342USD >>
TX-419 D 230USD >>
inpres UD+2 Lady [2016] TMX-417 D2 230USD >>
TX-417 D 230USD >>
inpres RMX Lady [2014] TMX-414 D 119USD >>
TX-414 D 153USD >>
inpres 10 D202 Lady [2012]  * TBX-412 D 64USD >>
Femina [2011]  * TX-411 D 97USD >>
inpres 10 D201 Lady [2010]  * orbit TBX-410 D 2 53USD >>