Used Golf Clubs, why don't you utilize?

Used golf clubs have a variety of usefulness that is different from brand new ones. I would like to share the possibilities using a comparison chart or the like. I hope to provide some hints, whether it's an unexpected way to use or view them, or things about the second-hand market that aren't widely known. (While they are also referred to as preowned golf clubs or 2nd hand golf clubs, they basically mean the same thing)
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Model Shaft Price
B-LD Lady [2022] Air Speeder BS-LD for WOOD 254USD >>
Dimana BS50LD 343USD >>
B1 [2021] Tour AD BS-6 365USD >>
Tour B JGR Lady [2019] Air Speeder 45 232USD >>
Air Speeder JGR 164USD >>
Tour B JGR [2017] TG1-5 219USD >>
Tour B JGR Lady [2017] Air Speeder L 153USD >>
PHYZ [2016] PZ-506 W LK 219USD >>
PHYZ CL [2016] PZ-406 W LK 216USD >>
PZ-406 W MK 143USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL [2016] VT-406 W 151USD >>
J615 CL [2015] J15-31W 98USD >>
PARADISO CL [2015]  * PC-15w 42USD >>
J715 B3 SHINY YELLOW [2014] Tour AD MT-5 120USD >>
PHYZ CL [2014] PZ-404 W 108USD >>
Paradiso CL [2012]  * PC-12w 64USD >>
PHYZ CL [2012] PZ-403 W 53USD >>
Paradiso CL [2011]  * PC-11w 64USD >>
Tour Stage PHYZ CL [2011] PZ-401 W 64USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL [2011] Tour AD SL-4 76USD >>
VT-401 W 64USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL Regina [2010]  * VT-30w Regina 64USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL [2009] Tour AD MJ-5 118USD >>
VT-30w 53USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ [2007] ROMBAX 4x07 20USD >>
ROMBAX F 5F09 53USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL [2007]  * VD-30 42USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL [2006]  * TL-30 alpha 19USD >>
Tour Stage V-iQ CL [2004]  * TL-30 42USD >>