Used Golf Clubs, why don't you utilize?

Used golf clubs have a variety of usefulness that is different from brand new ones. I would like to share the possibilities using a comparison chart or the like. I hope to provide some hints, whether it's an unexpected way to use or view them, or things about the second-hand market that aren't widely known. (While they are also referred to as preowned golf clubs or 2nd hand golf clubs, they basically mean the same thing)
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Model Shaft Price
MAXIMA 2 SPECIAL Tuning Lady [2021]  * Tour AD RM-2 675USD >>
Ryoma MAXIMA Type-D [2016] Tour AD M2-D 164USD >>
Ryoma MAXIMA Type-D Lady [2016]  * Tour AD M2-D 108USD >>
Ryoma D-1 MAXIMA Type-D Lady [2013] ROMBAX 4X07 119USD >>
Tour AD BB-6 120USD >>
Tour AD MX-D 175USD >>
Ryoma D-1 MAXIMA TYPE-G [2013] Tour AD M2-D 208USD >>
Ryoma D-1 SPECIAL Tuning Lady [2012] Tour AD MX-D 153USD >>